Install or remove apps in HUE

HUE - The Hadoop User Experience!

You probably know already what HUE is, but here's it's message again:

Hue’s target is the Hadoop user experience and lets users focus on getting results faster and sooner. Hue is a mature web-based application used by fortune 500 companies, startups, students…

If you use HUE that comes shipped with Cloudera's Hadoop distribution you will probably like to enable (install) or disable (remove) some apps. Especially, when you want to remove Impala or HBase from HUE.

Everything is tested with CDH4.6 and Cloudera Manager 5.0.1, but it should be similar on other versions, too.

HUE configuration

Let's get hands on! This needs to be done in one part on the Oozie server node on the shell and in the other part on the Cloudera Manager web interface.


You must restart the HUE-Service form within the Cloudera Manager after installing, removing or updating HUE apps.

List installed HUE apps

You can easily list all your installed apps in HUE from the shell with a litte python script. This script is shipped with the HUE installation.

Just run /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --list on the node you installed HUE.

The following apps were installed when I set up HUE with CDH4.6:

$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --list

Name               Version Author          Path
------------------ ------- --------------- -----------------------------------
about              2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/about
beeswax            2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/beeswax
filebrowser        2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/filebrowser
hbase              2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/hbase
help               2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/help
impala             2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/impala
jobbrowser         2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/jobbrowser
jobsub             2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/jobsub
metastore          2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/metastore
oozie              2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/oozie
pig                2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/pig
proxy              2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/proxy
search             2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/search
sqoop              2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/sqoop
useradmin          2.5.0   Hue             /usr/share/hue/apps/useradmin

Remove HUE apps

I will disable (remove) Impala, HBase, Solr (Search) and sqoop, now.

To do that you need to use the --remove <Name> option.

$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --remove impala
$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --remove hbase
$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --remove sqoop
$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --remove search

Install HUE apps

You can install HUE apps again with the following command.

To do that you need to use the --install <Path> option.

$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --install /usr/share/hue/apps/impala
$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --install /usr/share/hue/apps/hbase
$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --install /usr/share/hue/apps/sqoop
$ /usr/share/hue/tools/app_reg/app_reg.py --install /usr/share/hue/apps/search

That's it!

Have fun,


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